Soundiron – Elvish Choir vst v2.0 (KONTAKT) Free Download Latest Version 2022

Soundiron – Elvish Choir vst v2.0 (KONTAKT) Free Download

Soundiron – Elvish Choir is precisely what it seems: a noise folk package such as a set with bras, short and long staccatos/semi-marcato staccatos in a reasonably wide range of multiple dynamics. Fleshy impacts of cries/screams created through excessive hammer in the violence of groin are also included. We recorded this little beast with the help of a small spicy seasonal beer and a lot of helium. It is perfect for vacation music, comedy, and parody and those seeking fresh and strange source material for sound design and experimentation.

Initially published in 2009 as part of the Tonehammer Gnomehammer V1 collection by Tonehammer, our artists inhaled large amounts of Helio to record this library. This means we get to ingest strange substances in our bodies to provide a unique and powerful musical experience. For Elvish Choir 2.0, we add solistas Doo and the articulans, phrases of Christmas of the Halls and Jingle Bells public domain, and create new sets of the original content. We also refer to the samples, add usability characteristics with our modular template and create 20 new custom FX presets to provide instant inspiration for your next film/video game score, soundtrack, or musical composition.

Subvish Choir was an impressive sound processing application that gave sound designers, musicians, and composers high-quality sound. It is an ideal tool for vacation music, comedy, and parody, as well as for those looking for a source of fresh and strange material. For sound design and experiments. The program represents a noisy folk package as a set, with bras, short staccatos, and long stakes in a wide range of multiple dynamics. Offering a wide range of carefully remastering samples and additional usability characteristics, the application provides maximum sound fidelity and quality performance. It has an easy, instinctive interface with a set of sound form controls ready for automation to deliver outstanding creative flexibility.


We registered Requiem Light at the Massive Sanctuary Hall in the historic Saint Paul’s in San Francisco and directed by Master Robert Geary with hand-selected members of Volti, SF Symphony Chorus, SF Opera, and the San Francisco Choral Society. The choir was charged with 12 large diaphragm microphones and integrated and overwhelmed by experts in a perfectly balanced stereo picture. This master mixture, ready for instant combination, immediately provides intuitive use and efficiency of resources without the usual cost of resources and system performance.

The library contains polyphonic supports of legato for the complete unison choir, with essential types of ah, EH, and Oh with dynamic piano-piano control. We also contain 20 Latin and 12 slow syllable words with time control, tempo synchronization, and legato control. It also presents ten expressive articulations of poly-posted for tenor and soprano soloists.

You will also find hundreds of dramatic and creative choral consequences that have groups, demonic songs, glasses, waves, sweeps, consonants, screams, tramples, breaths, applause, snapshots, and more. You can also choose between 119 reverberation and FX impulse responses. The library even delivers various atmospheric and coral content of unique atmospheric design to underline layers, EDM and environmental composition, creation of rugged landscapes, and more.

Soundiron – Elvish Choir


  • 4,243 samplings
  • 4.72 GB installed (6.4+ GB)
  • NCW design models without loss of 24 bit / 48 kHz
  • It works with the free Kontakt player
  • Contains bonus coral atmospheres, rugged landscapes, drones, and evolutionary sound pads, handcrafted.

 Technical Setup:

  • Editorial: They were undergoing
  • Website: they were
  • Format: Kontakt
  • Quality: 24 -bit stereo 48 kHz
  • Size: 481.2 MB

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Activation Keys: 









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